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McKinsey research report shows that the growth of trading volume in China's E-commerce market has slowed down after consecutive 6 years of fast development, from 74% in 2011 to estimated 19% in 2017. One reason for such slowdown is that pure online retail platform has hit the top. Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Group said: in the future, offline and online retail will be combined profoundly. Combined with the modern logistics, the service provider will make use of the Big Data, Cloud Computing and other innovative technologies to constitute a new concept of the future retail. The age of pure E-commerce will soon come to an end, the pattern of pure retail will also be broken, and the new retail will lead a new business model in the future. 
In the new retail era, the brand owner should get through omni-channel closed loop; advance gradually from the pure E-commerce channel, and the integration of online and offline platforms to the customer-centered omni-channel and all-contact development. Meanwhile, the data behavior of users in all scenarios should be explored, so as to provide consumers with seamless and closed-loop consumption experience and achieve the product marketing omnichannel throughout the consumer life cycle. Besides, the traditional marketing bottlenecks are broken to complete the integrated omni-channel marketing from brand shaping to achievement realization. 
At this summit, hundreds of domestic and international merchants and retailers will gather together to discuss the status quo of the China’s E-commerce, omni-channel experience, multi-scenario triggering, social media, data-driven in-depth personalization, rural E-commerce, cross-border E-commerce, intelligent supply chain, logistics and digital payment, in order to explore a retail path for building up brands in the future, and provide an effective solution for retailers so as to facilitate them an invincible position in the new retail era.

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